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Autobiographical storytelling is about sharing the emotions and life experiences so others can understand, relate, and share in those experiences and histories as if they were also part of these stories. This collection within Stories of Colorado highlights stories from "Mementos From Home," a project of Services to Immigrants and Refugees and the Denver Public Library.

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When Worlds Collide (Naghem)
The ruby ring is my husband's, and he has worn it for the last 17 years. The smaller stone is mine, and it has a prayer engraved on it. The green 'elaegg' is my protection and sanity. When I went to Iraq in 2014, I was going through some of the…

En Mis Zapatos (Maria)
In 1990, when we lived in Mexico, my husband was in the States. I gave him an ultimatum to bring us to him. I sold the two horses we had. I saved the money and brought it with me in my shoes. Throughout the trip/journey back and forth to the border,…

Truco (Nicanor)
These cards are important because they remind me of my family and my friends back home in Argentina. The cards remind me of those evenings and weekends when we would get together and play Truco, a very social game where you trick your opponent by…

Animal Crackers (Viviana)
As a child, I would ask my mom for a peso to buy some animal crackers. It didn't happen often. One time, my dad had just arrived from "El Norte," and we asked him for 50 pesos. He gave us 100 pesos, and we spent it all on animal crackers. Three kids…

Chinese Marshals & Generals Poker Cards (Ed)
I got these cards from China. I love cards, and I enjoy the game of chance. Everyone has access to a deck of cards; all barriers are removed. Kids' games to high stakes, like we see on T.V., are some representations of how universal a deck of cards…

Baby Chair from Godparents (Jorge)
I received this baby chair when I was 6 months old as a gift from my godparents. It was bought in their native town of Morelia Michoacan, and brought to me in Tecate, Baja, California back in 1978. It is the only physical object, besides photographs,…

Party Dress (Zahra)
This dress is from my sister's wedding. I got this dress from Iran, and it is a wonderful childhood memory, and it has special value. It brings memories of my childhood, and it reminds me of my birth place. Whenever I see the dress, I remember happy…

Misbaha (Rabha)
A prayer rosary; this is very precious and valuable to me, because I got it in Mecca when I was performing my Hajj pilgrimage in 2010. It was an experience of a lifetime, to be at the Holy Place, with millions of people from every country who were…
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