Chinese Marshals & Generals Poker Cards (Ed)


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Chinese Marshals & Generals Poker Cards (Ed)


I got these cards from China. I love cards, and I enjoy the game of chance. Everyone has access to a deck of cards; all barriers are removed. Kids' games to high stakes, like we see on T.V., are some representations of how universal a deck of cards can be. The same deck of cards can be used in different games across the world. It's so GREAT.




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I’m Ed, Ed Kiang. I brought a deck of cards I recently acquired from China. It’s so cool I think. Yeah it’s called the Chinese Generals and Marshals. It’s something that, you know, is like old day, Cold War memorabilia that you can only get from China - and at a considerable discount may I add!

It’s the latest acquisition of something from China, that’s where I’m from. And I like to keep things that’s meaningful to me. Like, I like to tell people that if it was something meaningful, for example the first project from my daughter’s kindergarten class, I keep. Like when I asked my wife to marry me I sent her a huge fortune cookie and I still keep that fortune cookie. And things like that. So it’s meaningful. It will eventually go from display, until I get something new, and then to the boxes I keep at home.

I will always read them, especially you know, the good thing about this is because it’s a piece of history also, it tells you a little bit. So a lot of times like when I watch movies and TV shows and read books, and it mentions somebody’s name, you can use that as a cross-reference to see if in the deck of cards, if what it says is true. That way you can tell if the book is inaccurate, or if the cards are misprinted. You know, after all, I am a librarian!

It’s history. It’s also part of me because I’m from China. I like to keep things that I get from there. I like to get little mementos, souvenirs, of the places I visited. You know it’s like keep fresh of memory, you know making connections, you know because you tend to forget a lot of things. I think with some physical item in your hand you can bring back a lot of fun memories.


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