Stories of Colorado

The Stories of Colorado Collection is a service of the Colorado State Library, in cooperation with cultural heritage organizations throughout the state.  With their help, the site provides a space for Coloradans to share their voices, their stories, their memories and their history with others.

Through the act of sharing and building collections, we deepen our understanding of our collective history, our individual experiences, and strengthen our communities.

Recently Added Items

Pomp & Circumstances: Johnson & Wales University Denver Virtual Congratulations

Johnson & Wales University Denver presents a virtual message of congratulations from faculty and staff to graduates of the class of 2020. Submitted…

Vocal Tribute to the Smoky Hills High School Class of 2020

Vocal Tribute to the Smoky Hills High School Class of 2020 YouTube video

A vocal cover from Mia Damato, class of 2020, of the song Rise Up by Andra Day. It was filmed as a performance for Smoky Hill's virtual high school…

Head Student Speech, Graduation 2020 at Basalt High School

2020 Head Student Graduation Speech - Kara Williams.pdf

Head Student Speech, Commencement Exercises, Basalt High School, May 2020