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Baby Chair from Godparents (Jorge)


I received this baby chair when I was 6 months old as a gift from my godparents. It was bought in their native town of Morelia Michoacan, and brought to me in Tecate, Baja, California back in 1978. It is the only physical object, besides photographs, that I was able to bring when we migrated to the U.S. It is a connection with my culture, godparents, and many memories of different babies in the family using the chair (that's why it's a bit beat up). It reminds me of my godparents and my childhood memories, where this chair is shared by many in the family. Also, it is one of the few (if not the only) physical object that I owned in Mexico and still have today.




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Good morning my name is Jorge Romero, and well I am participating in this project and today the Memento from Home that I’ve brought comes from Mexico.

I brought it when we moved or when we immigrated to the United States in 1993, and it was an object that I acquired in 1978 from my godparents at my baptism.

It is a chair, made in Morelia, Mexico, where my godparents were originally from, and it is made of wood and the seat part of the chair is made of fibers - I don’t remember exactly what they’re called - but they are plant fibers, and the fibers are braided to make the seat. At one point the chair was blue, and now it is a bit, now it doesn’t have much color, it is a little bit broken. It is at least 40 years old - I don’t know when it was made, but I received it 40 years ago.

Well it is important to me because it is something, it is a physical object that I have from when I was little, when I was a baby. When we came to the United States we left everything behind, and for me it is very significant because my godparents gave it to me when I was baptized, after my baptism. So for me it reminds me of my childhood because many of my cousins, my relatives, used it when they were babies, and it is also a connection to my godparents and now to the memory of them.

It is very nostalgic for me. I brought this, it is one of the few things that I have that connects me to Mexico, to my ancestors, to my relatives, to my godparents, and it is very important to me even though it is now very old, though it is a little broken, it means a lot to me.

Well, one of the things is that I thank you for doing this project, and that’s because I believe that for many of us it’s important to share the few things we have been able to bring from our countries, that remind us of our countries, that in some way connect us to what we are, so that we never forget, even though we live over here. And I think it is a very special project and gives us the opportunity to share a little piece of what our country was, of how we lived, of how we felt. So thank you.


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