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Truco (Nicanor)


These cards are important because they remind me of my family and my friends back home in Argentina. The cards remind me of those evenings and weekends when we would get together and play Truco, a very social game where you trick your opponent by playing quickly and distracting them with conversation. Playing the game was a way of connecting with friends and family. They remind me of fun times, and I enjoy teaching other people how to play even though it can be a difficult game to learn.




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Speaking Spanish

Today I brought a Spanish card game that is different than your typical card deck, like ace of diamonds, this one has walking canes, swords, goblets, and coins.

This is something that I brought with me when I came here 15 years ago from Argentina. It was a playing card game that I used to play with my friends. We would get together on the weekends, in the evenings, to play this card game, and it was a very social game.

I would like to find people who play the game that we used to play - it’s called Truco - but yes it’s a beautiful memory of being with my friends and everything, and of Argentina more than anything because it was a big part of my life in Argentina, and for this reason I brought this card game with me.

I know the rules are a bit complicated for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish, but it is truly a very fun game and I would like to be able to find people who play! So if you play Truco, let me know!


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