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Party Dress (Zahra)


This dress is from my sister's wedding. I got this dress from Iran, and it is a wonderful childhood memory, and it has special value. It brings memories of my childhood, and it reminds me of my birth place. Whenever I see the dress, I remember happy times.




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My name is Zahra Ibrahim. I’m from Iraq, but my nationality is Turkish. I’ve been here for twenty years, and I work at the library as an Activities Leader, and I do my job with love, with passion. And I like to do it and I think I will be able to do it for the rest of my life because I love it so much, and I work with really great people.

I brought a dress with pink hemmings, I should say? I don’t know, like lace, it’s kind of a white-ish but not quite. It brings a lot of good memories. It’s a childhood dress that is very sentimental to me. I got it for my sister’s wedding in Iran, in Tehran, in 1994, when I was only seven years old. It brings a lot of, as I said earlier, it brings a lot of great memories, childhood, I had an amazing childhood, so I always go back, it takes me back, because when I touch the dress, when I smell it, it reminds me of home.

Ah it fit perfectly! Because at the time, I don’t know, as I said it’s a great memory, family, home, the smell, the touch, the feeling. I wish I could go back, but unfortunately none of us could go back.

I want to pass it on to my great grandchildren if I had a chance. If, if I get married! But yeah, definitely.


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