The Stories of Colorado is a collection of Colorado related content, from individuals or institutions that do not have an online presence, but have interesting and relevant pieces of Colorado history and culture to share.  The Stories of Colorado collection is curated by the Colorado State Library, but contains content contributed by individuals throughout the state.  Collections include oral essays, photographs and images, documents and videos, what ever captures the the experiences, feelings, and moment in time of the people in our great state.  

The Stories of Colorado Collection also supports the growth of other services provided by the State Library to the Colorado cultural heritage community, including the Tell Your Story activity from the CSL Big Red Recourse Kits, as well as the CVL-Collections service and the Plains to Peak Collective, making unique digital collections available to all within our state and beyond.

The Stories of Colorado site brings together collections from all mediums, including:

The platform used for this project is Omeka, and all items are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.  The collections included are provided by cultural heritage organizations within the state that want to help their patrons share their voice with a larger audience.  The opinions expressed are those of the story teller, and not those of the Colorado State Library nor the Colorado Virtual Library.

How to Participate

Content is included in the Stories of Colorado collection by submission through the Colorado State Library staff.  


  1. Complete the online Stories of Colorado Online Content Submission Form.
  2. Upload your digital content though the online form, or send via external storage device to the State Library Attn: Regan Harper
  3. Complete the online “Stories of Colorado” Informed Consent and Copyright Permission for Oral History Interviews, Images, Newsletters, and Personal Documents.
  4. Wait to hear from us regarding your form submission, your collection, and your content.

Don’t have digital content yet?  We can help with that. The State Library has digitization kits available for loan to libraries and museums via our Resource Kit program.  Available kits include audio recorders, digital scanners, how-to instructions, and external hard drives to assist in the transfer of data to the Colorado State Library for inclusion in the Stories of Colorado collection.  

Note:  Borrowing the digitization equipment requires that any content created with it be shared with either the Stories of Colorado collection - or with the Plains to Peak Collective project.  Content from both of these projects will be shared nationally through the Digital Public Library of America.