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Johnson & Wales University Denver presents a virtual message of congratulations from faculty and staff to graduates of the class of 2020. Submitted for inclusion in the Colorado State Library's Pomp & Circumstances Digital Collection, commemorating…

Vocal Tribute to the Smoky Hills High School Class of 2020 YouTube video
A vocal cover from Mia Damato, class of 2020, of the song Rise Up by Andra Day. It was filmed as a performance for Smoky Hill's virtual high school graduation, and as a tribute to the entire class of 2020. Submitted for inclusion in the Colorado…

2020 Head Student Graduation Speech - Kara Williams.pdf
Head Student Speech, Commencement Exercises, Basalt High School, May 2020

BHS Graduation Speech, 5_30_2020 - Kara Williams.pdf
Teacher Address to the Basalt High School Graduating Class Roser (jeffco) 1.jpeg
Backyard graduation ceremony complete with robe ceremony and national anthem, performed by a Jefferson County High School teacher for two graduates (of D’Evelyn Senior High and Wheat Ridge High School).
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